Tax Advice

Tax advice concerns the planning of tax payments in order to provide companies with greater liquidity and financial stability.

The tax advisor provides his/her experience to entrepreneurs and allows companies to be kept up to date with all the latest news, such as: tax breaks, tax credits, extensions of payment terms, etc.

The tax advisor’s main objective is to assist in Tax Planning in line with the needs of the company, paying attention to the new opportunities and benefits provided by the tax authorities.

Specifically, we offer advice on:

  • Taxation regarding agreements: our service makes it possible to identify the overall tax component of each type of agreement (employees, independent contractors, suppliers and clients) so that the best solution can be chosen;
  • Sector-specific statistical parameters (“sector studies”): the professionals dedicated to sector studies will be able to identify the cluster to which the company belongs and correctly identify its suitability and consistency;
  • Corporate taxation: advisors assist the company in the calculation and payment of taxes specifically regarding the taxation of dividends distributed to individuals and stock option holders;
  • International and EU taxation: advice on international tax law such as the treatment of cross-border workers, company transfers, INTRASTAT, customs issues, international invoicing and others;
  • Extraordinary business transactions: a team of professionals specialising in extraordinary transactions assist companies in capital contributions, mergers, transformations and demergers, share purchase and sales, planning and implementing international projects, as well as tax advice on transfer pricing ;
  • Advice and assistance for tax audits: RS Commercialisti assists companies in tax disputes at all decision-making levels, offering to be a representative during an audit by the tax authorities, in out-of-court and pre-litigation procedures before the tax authorities and in tax and customs disputes;