International Taxation

The regulatory framework of international tax law is very complex.

The rules of international tax law have the dual purpose of ensuring fair taxation of economic activities and international investment, and of eliminating tax distortions in the taxation of international investment.

A thorough knowledge of these rules allows clients to eliminate any risk in international transactions.

In today’s complex and constantly evolving legal context, specialised knowledge is of primary importance and so is being constantly updated.

We offer international tax advice to all SMEs and start-ups wishing to enter new markets or locate production abroad.

By analysing tax law in foreign countries and the different company forms in the target countries (representative office, permanent establishment and companies under foreign law), we provide a complete picture of the double taxation conventions and the various rules in force.

Finally, we offer advice in the field of:

  • Income from activities abroad;
  • Subsidiaries, i.e., management of dividends, interest and royalties;
  • Tax credit;
  • Transfer of companies abroad;
  • VAT in international relationships;
  • Tax evasion laws.
  • Transfer Price support;
  • National and international tax planning;