Financial Consultancy

Financial consultancy mainly concerns planning company objectives and procuring (and monitoring) the financial resources needed to achieve them, looking into all decisions concerning investments, financing, expenses and savings plans.

Unlike the financial advisor, who usually works for a bank or investment fund, the financial consultant is an independent person at the service of start-ups and SMEs and acts exclusively in the interests of its clients.

The complexity and heterogeneity of financial products makes the consultant a key person for every company. Without adequate preparation, it is not easy to know and understand the financial products that best reflect one’s needs.

The sole objective of RS Commercialisti’s financial consultants is to meet client needs, assess every investment opportunity and propose solutions that meet risk-return needs.

To do this, we need to analyse the company’s entire financial framework, considering all applicable regulatory and tax aspects.

After that, thanks to an excellent knowledge of the markets and financial instruments, following analysis and research, we prepare indications regarding the most suitable forms of financing and investment for companies.

Finally, we develop and manage investment portfolios by producing clear and transparent reporting on investment performance.