Credit Insurance

Financial consultancy is the ideal tool to manage the entire active credit cycle and produces several benefits for the company, listed below.

Credit insurance protects the company as it:

  • Prevents the risk of client insolvency: the insured has a highly professional client analysis and monitoring service that allows to decide on personalised credit limits for each buyer;
  • Protects the company from credit losses;
  • Provides support for the recovery of uncollected debt.

Facilitates sales growth because it:

  • Allows access to new markets, especially abroad;
  • Elevates the possibility of increasing the number of customers;
  • Allows the use of extensions to increase turnover, without requiring additional financial guarantees.

Optimises financial management because:

  • It improves the quality of balance sheet receivables and working capital;
  • Allows the correct payment conditions to be applied to customers;
  • Certifies any losses.

Insured companies are stronger, have greater financial stability with consistent cash flow, a selected clientele and healthier growth.

With the help of one of our specialist insurance intermediaries, we are able to find the best contractual solutions for all companies, even the smallest ones with a credit turnover in excess of EUR 100,000 per year.

The intermediary is responsible for constantly assisting the insured throughout the management of the insurance contract.