Accounting Services

To run your company in the best possible way you need to manage your accounts.

RS Commercialisti provides assistance through constantly placing its firm’s professionals and staff at the company’s side. This guarantees the client’s needs are properly identified and allows, where required, for the monitoring of current and prospective company performance, through constant control of management, budget and business plan. We provide accounting services in modular solutions, so you can choose one or more services or, alternatively, rely on the group’s professionals for complete accounting management.

RS Commercialisti offers the following accounting services:

  • Accounting of purchase invoices and related payments;
  • Invoicing and collection management;
  • Recognition of labour costs;
  • Periodic VAT settlement;
  • Preparing F24 payment authorisations and electronic payments;
  • Periodic bank reconciliations;
  • Monthly audit reports;
  • Keeping and updating accounting books.

In addition, advice and assistance is offered for the following activities:

  • Installation of accounting systems, organisation of and providing guidance on the client’s bookkeeping;
  • Interim VAT payments;
  • Mandatory printed records of the tax register and company books;
  • Preparation of the Financial Statements and annual accounts in accordance with the Fourth EEC Directive, including the mandatory annexes (explanatory notes and management report);
  • Analysis, execution, renewal/extension/termination of lease and loan agreements with electronic or paper registration.